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Loss of hair affects both guys & females and can have strong emotional and psychological repercussions.

The reasons for loss of hair can range from hormonal changes, tension, and iron shortage, to fungal infections and medication side effects.

A popular nonprescription treatment is a minoxidil service. This is readily available at concentrations ranging from 2-5%.

Minoxidil has been revealed to promote boosts in hair regrowth and thickness, and is thought to dilate small blood vessels around the scalp to stimulate hair growth. While some patients begin to see fast results after simply weeks of use, the optimum australian peptides advantage is typically visible after 6 months of consistent use.

It is necessary to keep in mind that minoxidil treatment must be continued to maintain hair growth. Otherwise, the pre-treatment state returns within 3-4 months of ceasing treatment.

We also offer intensified finasteride pills on prescription as a more effective loss of hair option to topical minoxidil. For optimal outcomes, we suggest a combined use.

Industrial preparations of finasteride are offered; however, some Pharmacies offers the advantage and benefit of customized doses to the patient, often at a more cost effective cost.

A finasteride formula has added organic and mineral active ingredients to enhance results and minimise side effects. Inquire about our Finasteride 1mg, Saw Palmetto 50mg, Zinc 50mg mix capsules.


• Dutasteride 2.5 mg, Zinc 50mg everyday capsules x 100 Pills

• Minoxidil 50mg everyday topical scalp service x 100mL

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